Ausschnitt aus Turbulenzen


There's no masterplan to tell me how and where I have to live.
Now I live in Germany again 1996 started my journey from North Pole to South Pole, from Alaska to Fireland.
Fourteen wonderfull years we lived in our car or rented sometimes a house.
The American continent was what I traveled since 1996 and all over the US.
I lived many years in Mexico, stayed a long, long time in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.
And still I can't say where I will be next year.
There's no masterplan telling me how and what to paint.
Just curiosity, the not-knowing and desire. Just reality, imagination and inspiration.
Yesterday I painted the abstraction, the informal, on my canvas; today it might be the big world of an anthill
or a conglomeration of human faces; tomorrow - the colours of my thoughts.
I like to look at things in a different way; sometimes render them in slow-motion.
Sometimes I stay longer at places that don't care whether I stay or leave, places like Progreso/Mexico -.
Sometimes there will be moments, when I cannot paint - as after the hurricane Isidor when nature was dying ,
all the leaves turned black and all the colours were dead...
Or the earthquake in Chile, when fifty seconds of temblor seemed to be an eternity and houses lost ground.
But the journey goes on - in my imagination and in reality.
It's a life-journey. I do not know, neither do I plan, when this journey will be over; just as I don't know the next painting to be painted.
Sure the impressions of my journey will be part of them, but they are not photographic images, rather feelings and experiences
that influences me and whose importance I often do realize only months later - in my paintings.
Due to the journey my perception changes.
My roots, in Germany, are far away and the reflection becomes more neutral, perhaps more distant.
Sometimes a fly or an ant becomes then the center of the world to me. I love to paint its beauty.
I do like old junk and let it live again in a painting like "The Junk".
I see the extinction of the palmtrees and I paint the loneliness of those still alive in "Palma Sola".
I have time and peace of mind.
I can watch people, all their everyday-madness, their smugness and ignorance.
Maybe you can find it in a painting like "The Song of Mahomet".
I dedicate my paintings to all who take their time - and peace of mind - to contemplate them.

Angelica Jacobi 2017, Germany